The fight for Manchester pride arrives to Footy Legend

Team Footy Legend celebrate a new season of brilliant football with the addition to our portfolio of two of the English Premier League greatest clubs: Manchester United FC and Manchester City FC.

Once again both Manchester sides will be disputing the honour of Manchester in a new 2018-19 Premier League season which is meant to be thrilling. 

Last season it was Josep Guardiola's team the one that reached the maximum achievement of English football but this year José Mourinho and his boys will fight to return Bobby Charlton's legacy to the throne after five seasons without a conquest.  

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Besides Red Devils and Sky Blues there will be a list of teams willing to take the Premier League far from Manchester. Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and the whole new Unai Emery's Arsenal will compete for a new league glory.

We list for you the complete program of big dates next: 

* Manchester United FC dates at home. 

- Manchester United FC v. Arsenal FC, Matchday 15, Tuesday, December 4th., 2018, Old Trafford.

- Manchester United FC v. Liverpool FC, Matchday 27, Saturday, February 23rd., 2019, Old Trafford.

- Manchester United FC v. Manchester City FC, Matchday 31, Saturday, March 16th., 2019, Old Trafford.

- Manchester United FC v. Chelsea FC, Matchday 36, Saturday, April 27th., 2019, Old Trafford.

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* Manchester City FC big dates at home.

- Manchester City FC v. Newcastle United FC, Matchday 4, Saturday, September 1st., 2018, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Manchester United FC, Matchday 12, Saturday, November 10th., 2018, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Everton FC, Matchday 17, Saturday, December 15th., 2018, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Liverpool FC, Matchday 21, Tuesday, January 1st., 2019, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Arsenal FC, Matchday 25, Saturday, February 2nd., 2019, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Chelsea FC, Matchday 26, Saturday, February 9th., 2019, Etihad Stadium.

- Manchester City FC v. Tottenham Hotspur FC, Matchday 35, Saturday, April 20th., 2019, Etihad Stadium.

* Exact date and time may change. 

It will be a new episode of two of the biggest rivalries in world football: Man. Utd. v. Man. City and Guardiola v. Mourinho. Witness who will prevail by booking your tickets here!!!

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