Ramos: "I'm dying to pull that Real Madrid shirt back on"

Sergio Ramos took centre stage in Realmadrid TV's Real Madrid Conecta show. The captain, who has been involved in a charity initiative along with Unicef to raise money for the fight against coronavirus, reflected on the latest news and spoke about the return of the game: "We mustn't be selfish. We've got to leave everyone's personal opinions to one side and listen to the instructions from the (Spanish) Ministry of Health. I can't wait to get back playing and competing. To play in LaLiga, the Champions League... and for the competitions to be finished because I've got that ambition and desire to end the season with a piece of silverware. We've got to wait for those who know about these things to make the decisions and as long as there is no risk of contagion or future spikes". 

"We're going to try and kill this virus off so that it doesn't come back. But, as I say, I'm dying to get back out there at the  Bernabéu, pull on that Real Madrid shirt and get back to normal. It takes time, there's a before and after with COVID0-19, but let's leave it down to the experts. When there's no risk at all, I'll be raring and am really excited to pull on that shirt".


"We're dependent on what the government rules. We just have to wait. I hope that football gets back to being what it was, a sport that serves to unite people and as entertainment for thousands of people and to give people that energy and for them to get excited about their team. That's what everyone is waiting for, but it takes time and it's a process. I hope that we return to normality as soon as possible, but the most important thing is our health. I hope we get back soon, I don't know whether it'll be with fans or behind closed doors, but they should at least have the chance to watch the games from their homes. We've got to all be flexible because life has changed. We've got to do our bit, help out and be united".

"We've given the situation so much importance that the daily routine that we had at Valdebebas with training sessions and matches has been lost. After having lost that, we've put a lot of focus on keeping things going in terms of our diet, rest and training and I'm maybe currently even stronger and fitter than I was two months ago. When you're in a routine of playing games every three days you have no time to keep your strength up in your lower body. I'm pretty much stronger now that I was in the first weeks".


"Today's a special day. I've been a Unicef ambassador for six years now and have been working with them for 13 years. We launched a campaign a month and a half ago when coronavirus broke in Spain to make donations and help the health professionals, who are our heroes. They're working around the clock, with no rest. They're working like real warriors and we want to buy healthcare supplies for them: gloves, facemasks, ventilators. As an ambassador, it was my duty to help and contribute in this way. Today we've launched #ramosunicefday on social media to encourage people to get involved".

Michael Robinson

"Today we received that sad news. He was a great player and a role model for everyone. I want to take this opportunity to send a big hug to his family. He'll always live on in our memories because he was a special person. I send all of my strength and condolences to his family. To all of the madridistas, I send them my sincere encouragement and to those who have lost loved ones, I send them my condolences".

Source: Real Madrid CF

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