Celtic FC

The Celtic Football Club belongs to Scotland and was founded in Glasgow in the year 1887. Celtic along with the Rangers, are the oldest clubs from Scotland and have shared the nickname "Old Firm". Although the Celtic club has achieved quite a lot in its career, its highest point was during the year of 1967, when Celtic became the first British team to win the European cup, the Scottish cup, the Scottish League Cup, the Glasgow Cup and the Scottish League Championship! Celtic has a very popular and unique uniform, donning striped shirts with the colours of green and white. If you’re a huge fan of the green and white Celtics, then you should buy your Celtic tickets and watch them play live!

Aside the "Old Firm" Celtic has been nicknamed as "the Bhoys", "the Hoops" and "the Celts". Celtic is owned by Celtic PLC, and the chairman of the club is Ian Bankier. The team can currently boast management from former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers. Celtic has won the Scottish Premier League, the first division of the Scottish football league, a record number of 43 times. If you want to watch your favorite team win this season of Scottish Premier League as well, then don’t hesitate and buy your Celtic tickets!

Celtic has a great team lined up this year, and Brendan Rodgers is aiming to really whip the team into shape, this year! Support this amazing team at the stadium by buying your very own Celtic tickets now!

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