Zidane: "We're showing our strength and balance"

Real Madrid picked up their seventh win on the bounce in Bilbao and remain top of LaLiga. After the match against Athletic, Zidane spoke in the press room: "This is our strength. That's what it's all about. What we're showing is our strength and our balance. When we lose the ball we all defend and we've been doing that very well lately. We've lacked a little bit of a spark in attack and we can improve, and that's what we're going to do. The most important thing is our defensive strength, which we've shown again today".

"What we have to do is to think about what we're doing. We can't listen to the outside world because LaLiga will go right to the end, as it always has done. We're focused on the games we've still got to play. At the moment we have to congratulate the players for what they're doing because they've won seven out of seven, but we haven't won anything".

"I'm tired because in the end we always talk about the same thing. It seems like we win games because of the refereeing issue and we don't. We're out there on the pitch and you have to respect Real Madrid and the players. This is not going to change. We're fighting and as always the referee has gone to see the incident and has given a penalty because it's a penalty".

"The objective is to stay focused and keep playing football the way we are doing. I didn't talk to him about Sergio's incident, and I didn't talk to Marcelo either. They're people who do their job and you have to respect that. We're going to continue with what we're doing, focus on football and nothing else".

Is Ramos better than Cristiano at taking penalties?
"Both of them are reliable. Sergio is also a specialist in that, he often stays behind in training to practice".

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done. It’s no mean feat to win 7 games in a row. We’re lacking a bit up top, but we won’t complain because we won the game. The most important thing is that our defensive base is looking very good indeed. We know if we’re in good shape defensively, we’ll get chances. Last time it was Carvajal who won the penalty, this time it was Marcelo. That shows our full-backs are involved in the way we attack”.

“It’s a bit of everything, but I’m sure physically it takes its toll because we’re playing every three days and next week we’re playing on Friday, but then we have three games inside a week to finish off. It’s not just a problem for us, I’m seeing all teams struggling to create chances. The fitness side is important and at least we’re all in the same boat, every team is finding it hard. There’s a big difference between 20 minutes in and the end of the game”.

“He hasn’t played too much recently. He put in a great performance today and the other day he came into the game very well against Getafe and I’m pleased for him. All the players are focused and when they have to play, they try and do their best, which is what Militão did today”.

James and Bale
"James asked to be left out for a personal issue. These are things between us. You can ask and I’ll answer, but I want talk about it anymore. As for Bale, I have to make choices and he’s not played in the last two games. There are 25 players here and I have to work with all of them”.

Source: Real Madrid CF

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