Wolves striker Raul Jimenez vows to 'return soon' after fractured skull

Wolves striker Raul Jimenez has vowed to "return soon" after undergoing surgery for a fractured skull.

Jimenez was reported to be "comfortable" on Monday after undergoing an operation on the injury, which was sustained in his side's 2-1 win over Arsenal on Sunday.

The Mexican striker wrote on Twitter: "Thanks for your support messages. I will be under observation and I hope to return to the pitch soon."

Jimenez was stretchered off following a clash of heads with Arsenal defender David Luiz and was given oxygen after the accidental coming together.

The clash of heads occurred early in the match and resulted in a lengthy delay of around 10 minutes as paramedics and medical staff saw to both players.

"The club ask that Raul and his family are now afforded a period of space and privacy, before any further updates are provided in due course."

Raúl Jiménez suffered a concussion last Sunday in Wolves victory 2-1 at Arsenal ground.

Are concussion protocols fit for purpose?

The incident in the Arsenal-Wolves game led to Brain injury association charity Headway to release a statement on Monday expressing its "anger and disappointment at football's continued failings to protect its players from concussion" and reiterated its view that temporary concussion substitutes are "urgently" needed.

Luke Griggs, deputy chief executive at Headway, told Sky Sports News: "When you have such serious impacts such as that, it's hard not to suspect a concussion may have occurred.

"The protocols say, if a concussion is suspected then the player should be removed from the field of play.

"The medical teams I'm sure did things in the best interest of the player but you've really got to question whether these concussion protocols are fit for purpose."

Man City manager Pep Guardiola calls for concussion protocol clarity

Manchester City Pep Guardiola has called for greater clarity over concussion protocols following the incident involving Luiz and Jimenez.

Speaking ahead of City's Champions League game against FC Porto, Guardiola said: "Hopefully Raul Jimenez and David Luiz find they are well and I have heard that Raul Jimenez has had an operation so that hopefully has gone well.

"This is the most important thing because with head injuries you have to be careful. I don't know the protocols, some of them say you have to be nearly out (unconscious), some of them say no so it should be clear.

"Because head injuries are so dangerous but hopefully they (Luiz and Jimenez) are doing well."

Source: Premier League 


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