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Who reached the Nations League finals? Who was promoted? Who was relegated?

Check out all the 2020 UEFA Nations League promotions and relegations.

League A

Through to finals: Italy (Group A1), Belgium (A2), France (A3), Spain (A4). Finals 6 to 10 October 2021, venue confirmed on 3 December.

Stay in League A: Netherlands (A1), Poland (A1), Denmark (A2), England (A2), Portugal (A3), Croatia (A3), Germany (A4), Switzerland (A4)

Relegated to League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina (A1), Iceland (A2), Sweden (A3), Ukraine (A4)

League B

Promoted to League A: Austria (B1), Czech Republic (B2), Hungary (B3), Wales (B4)

Stay in League B: Norway (B1), Romania (B1), Scotland (B2), Israel (B2), Russia (B3), Serbia (B3), Finland (B4), Republic of Ireland (B4)

Relegated to League C: Northern Ireland (B1), Slovakia (B2), Turkey (B3), Bulgaria (B4)

League C

Promoted to League B: Montenegro (C1), Armenia (C2), Slovenia (C3), Albania (C4)

Stay in League C: Luxembourg (C1), Azerbaijan (C1), North Macedonia (C2), Georgia (C2), Greece (C3), Kosovo (C3), Belarus (C4), Lithuania (C4)

Relegation play-outs: Cyprus (C1), Estonia (C2), Moldova (C3), Kazakhstan (C4)

Ties (24/25 & 28/29 March 2022): Kazakhstan vs Moldova, Cyprus vs Estonia (defeated teams in two-legged ties relegated to League D)

League D

Promoted to League C: Faroe Islands (D1), Gibraltar (D2)

Stay in League D: Malta (D1), Latvia (D1), Andorra (D1), Liechtenstein (D2), San Marino (D2)

Source: UEFA 

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