The Bernabeu's retractable pitch and 30-metre storage cave

The possibilities at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu are now endless. It's quite conceivable that with the new retractable pitch technology in place there could be a Bruce Springsteen concert held on a Wednesday, a EuroLeague basketball match on a Friday and a Clasico on a Sunday afternoon.

Florentino Perez's vision of the stadium becoming a mecca for high-profile events in addition to Real Madrid matches is starting to take shape.

The installation of the retractable pitch has already begun, with some quite spectacular engineering work being developed by Rodio Kronsa.

Installing a retractable pitch was seen as one of the hardest parts of the new construction project, but Perez himself believed it to be possible.

To date, all stadiums with a retractable pitch have had a lot of free space around them, but the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is in the centre of Madrid and is surrounded by buildings on three sides.

The answer, then, has been to construct a 30-metre cave under the stand on the side of the Paseo de la Casetallana, with Kronsa steering the construction crew in line with that vision.

The Spanish company have committed to a top-down system that executes the miracle of what is essentially a portable pitch.

"When we have difficulties making anchors or ramps, we suggest using a top-down method," the company stated.

"In this method we start by building the upper floor, then excavate and make the basements below."

The idea at the Bernabeu is to create a system of rails on which seven or eight plates of about 10 metres in width will circulate and be stored in the below-ground cave, one on top of the other.

YouTuber Javier Caireta has even created a 3D model of what this process could look like, as the stadium switches from football mode to concert of basketball court mode.

Source: Marca / Juan Ignacio García-Ochoa / Chris Winterburn

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