Tebas: The Super League is destabilising and it seems Florentino Perez is behind it

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has come out and attacked the idea of the European Super League, which Real Madrid president Florentino Perezintimated may be necessary in the future.

Tebas and Florentino already clashed last Sunday after the latter complained that Real Madrid get unfair TV coverage, but the LaLiga chief is clear who is the architect behind the European Super League.

"He seems to be behind everything," Tebas told El Partidazo de COPE and Radio MARCA.

"And that's destabilising. It generates an uncertainty that is not good. I don't think he wants to hurt me. He does it because he's really thought about it, but it's all so secretive....

"I have not seen anyone, neither Madrid nor Barcelona, come to LaLiga and tell us about it. These things don't help to get the value we want in the negotiations for TV rights."

Tebas is confident that the European Super League plans will be blocked, even if a few clubs are keen for it to happen.

"It would enter into a confrontation with our project," Tebas stated.

"There will be no Super League. It is not a project with 20 clubs. It is four or two, and it would be opposed by the leagues, UEFA and FIFA."

So, how long has it been since Tebas last spoke to Florentino?

"Two months. We talked about various issues in international football, the subject of the Super League..." he noted.

"Florentino believes that LaLiga will become a weekday league, the second division. He talks about the longer term. This is what he thinks.

"He has told the clubs, the journalists... He said he was going to push it. Not that he had anything signed, but the problem then is how to divide the money."

With Lionel Messi's contract up in June, are LaLiga prepared for if their biggest star leaves?

"Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have left and we are still growing," Tebascommented.

"I hope Messi doesn't leave, nor [Sergio] Ramos nor anyone else."

Finally, many football fans are praying for the day that they can return to stadiums, yet Tebas didn't give much away when asked about this topic.

"There is no situation to raise the question of fans in stadiums," he said.

"I wish I could do that. It seems like it could be done, but I prefer not to enter into a conflict over this issue."

Source: Marca 

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