Sergio Ramos' controversial like: That's how Real Madrid treat our legends

There has been talk about Sergio Ramos' contractual situation at Real Madrid, but with just a few months to go before he becomes a free agent, there are more and more hints that an agreement might not be reached.

The Real Madrid captain is an avid user of Instagram, often posting workouts or evenings with his family, yet this time he has liked a post complaining about the treatment he is receiving from Los Blancos.

"Real Madrid are now convinced that Sergio Ramos will LEAVE the club this summer," wrote the Instagram account 'realmadridcf_4ever', accompanied by a photo of the defender looking dejected.

"That's how we treat our legends. Heartbreaking."

This post is from four days ago but has now come to light, and the message that has caught most people's attention is the part about this being how Real Madrid treat their legendary players.

Ramos, who is free to talk to clubs and can sign a pre-contract agreement, will officially be out of contract on June 30 if a new deal is not worked out with Real Madrid.

It is worth remembering that Rene Ramos, Sergio's brother and agent, conveniently liked a post on January 4 from Alfredo Duro, a regular participant on the popular TV show El Chiringuito.

"Someone should explain how and why we have reached this point, allowing your captain, one of Madrid's legends, to appear in absurd line-ups of players who today can freely sign for another club," Duro's tweet read.

Source: Marca 

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