Semedo: "It will be a special match for me"

Nelson Semedo returns to Lisbon, the city where he gave his first steps within football. In Portugal's capital the current Barça right back began to dream of becoming a footballer.

The defender has remembered his first days inside the sport in an interview for the club's media. "I started to play football in Lisbon streets, alongside my neighbours and older kids than me. It will be a special match, it was in Lisbon where it all started and I was very happy at Benfica".

Semedo, who made a name for himself in the outfit of Benfica, thinks that Lisbon is a city that has it all. "Lisbon is great in every aspect, people, colours, language, architecture. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not just in Europe. Apart from that the weather is very good as well. It's an espectacular city".

About the encounter against Bayern, Semedo finds Barça with real possibilities of moving on to the next phase. "We know how do they are positioned inside the pitch and their methods to play the ball from behind, we'll be attentive. But first of all we'll be focused in ourselves and we aim to play in the best possible way with the ball and netting our chances. If we perform well we'll have our possibilities to get into the Semifinal".





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