PSG admit they will try to sign Messi if he is available

After hiring Mauricio Pochettino as the club's new coach, Paris Saint-Germain's attention has turned to on-pitch recruitment, and sporting director Leonardo has admitted the club will try to sign Lionel Messi if he is available.

Messi's contract expires on June 30, 2021, and after such a heated fight to leave the club last summer, there are a lot of people who believe Messi will be a free agent by the time the summer transfer window opens.

"Great players like Messi will always be on PSG's shortlist, but now isn't the time to talk or dream about this," Leonardo told France Football.

"We are sitting at the table following this matter closely. Four months in football is an eternity, especially in this day and age, but our chair is reserved at the table."

Barcelona can't really negotiate a new contract with Messi until after the presidential elections take place, although they have been delayed until March 7.

Interesting projects are appearing for Messi, both from a sporting and economic perspective, and he could even reunite with his close friend Neymar in Paris.

Neymar and Mbappe? PSG are not going to beg them to stay

Leonardo has also made clear the club won't beg Neymar and Mbappé to stay.

"I hope the players are convinced that they are in the right place for a high-level and ambitious player. We're not going to beg them to stay," Leonardo explained to France Football.

"You just have to find an agreement between your desire, your demands and our means and expectations.

"If a player likes the club then they will stay. Those who really want to stay will do so; we're in contact and I'm confident."

However, the reality is that the situation isn't clear, especially with regards to Mbappe, with the club's priority being to renew Neymar first.

Mbappe hasn't showed any interest in signing a new deal as yet, and he knows that Real Madrid are desperate to sign him.

Furthermore, Leonardo's admission that PSG are interested in signing Lionel Messi could indicate that Mbappe's future will be away from Paris.

No club would be able to pay all three salaries of Neymar, Messi and Mbappe and stay within financial rules.

Source: Marca 

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