Premier League will allow up to 10,000 fans attend games from May 17

According to Johnson's roadmap, all restrictions will be lifted in the UK on June 21 and large capacity stadiums like Wembley could host a maximum of 10,000 spectators from May 17.

This is certainly a huge boost ahead of the 2020 European Championship which kicks off in June, as London is scheduled to host seven games, three of them in the group stage, one in the quarter-finals, two in the semi-finals and the final of the tournament.

For events held indoors, the maximum capacity will be 1,000 spectators, while outdoors events will be allowed up to 4,000 people.

Another event that will be affected by these new measures will be Wimbledon, which begins on June 28, seven days after the UK are expected to lift the restrictions.

All the measures announced by Johnson are subject to the evolution of the virus and the vaccination program in the country, where more than 17 million people who have already received the first dose.

Source: Marca 
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