Marcelo Bielsa: I’d like to dedicate our achievement to the supporters

Head coach on promotion.

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa spoke to the media following Sunday’s victory over Derby County.

The club won promotion on Friday and the league on Saturday following results elsewhere, meaning the Whites will play in the Premier League next season for the first time since 2004.

Bielsa expressed his delight at being able to lead the Whites back to the top-flight.

“I’m very happy, there has been a lot of joy,” said Bielsa.

“Leeds is very passionate and people were expecting this promotion with a lot of hope.

“It’s not difficult to imagine the happiness the people are feeling in this moment for this promotion.

“Of course the trophy makes me happy, but what really makes me happy is the fact I was part of this project with this group of players during these two years.

“I am very recognised in Leeds for my job, but honestly I think more than the capacity or skill of my leadership, what makes the difference in our promotion was the capacity of our players.

“Also, at this time, we have support in the physical staff, technical and tactical staff, the manager of the team, the medical staff, the people who take care of the facilities and the cleaning of the place we work, the support of the Academy, the security and drivers.

“In all this sense without exception, the level was very high and we cannot improve this and I feel a big gratitude for all of the different staff, we were supported totally and we received everything we needed.

“I would like to say thanks to our players and I’d like to dedicate this achievement to our supporters and say thanks to the club for all they’ve allowed us to do.

“Love is what every human being wants in life and you have two kinds of love, those who come from your closest people, your family and those who come to a situation like this one, with a lot of love from the people of the city.

“The feeling of provoking happiness in a lot of people because I was part of this group and the supporters giving us back love is the greatest feeling.”

Source: Leeds United FC

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