Manchester United: Roy Keane 'really worried' after Arsenal defeat

Roy Keane thinks Manchester United's players will get Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sacked, starkly concluding "this team is nowhere near good enough" following their defeat to Arsenal.

In a withering summary of United's dismal start to the campaign, Keane told Sky Sports: "We were almost building up this season as make-or-break for Ole, but at this moment in time it's not looking good for him. I scratch my head at players who don't have enthusiasm for a game of football.

"Sometimes you say 'there's no reason to panic'. But the results and performances suggest you should be panicking. He says they are good boys and want to win but I judge a player by actions. My eyes don't lie to me. The last disappointment was just a few weeks ago against Spurs - this teams reacts for a few weeks and get carried away with themselves.

After six games of the new season, United are just 15th in the Premier League table having already suffered three defeats - all of them at Old Trafford.

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