Lionel Messi will study the next steps to take with his father

The Argentine star is meeting his dad and agent to discuss his future

Leo Messi will meet his father and agent Jorge Messi later Thursday to analyse what steps to take next. Nothing came out of Jorge’s meeting with Barca chief Josep Maria Bartomeu on Wednesday. He has two solutions. Return to training or leave the club - and face judicial punishment.

Messi, who did not have his PCR test on Sunday, has not trained so far under Ronald Koeman. He wants to leave the club but cannot do so cleanly.

TyC Sports say there is a 90 percent chance of him staying because of the legal difficulties. Messi is afraid of the potential multi-million dollar penalties he would have to pay if he did.

Barca want Messi to reconsider his posture and stay for one more season before leaving the club when his contract expires in 2021.

Source: Sport / Lluís Mascaró

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