Lionel Messi: I’m hopeful and excited

There's a lot of interest in finding out what Leo Messi thinks about Barca's start to the season. His last public comments were September 4, speaking in an interview with Goal, where he confirmed he was staying for the season despite wanting to leave. Now he has spoken again, to Jordi Baste on RAC1.

"I've suffered and taken it badly," said Messi, "the end of last season and the summer."

That's the 8-2 against Bayern and his failed escape attempt.

Messi admitted "dragging along" at the start of the season but the good news is that now he feels "hopeful, calm and excited. I'm good," said Messi.

He knows "the club is going through a complicated moment" but he wants to "fight for all the titles that are at stake". It's a nice message for the fans ahead of the club elections in January. Messi is free to negotiate his future elsewhere from the first of that month.

Source: Sport / Germán Bona
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