Laporta: Electoral delays are detrimental in trying to keep Messi at Barcelona

Barcelona's elections are the subject of heavy debate in Catalonia at this present moment, and in the face of further delays to the planned date, Joan Laporta has made clear that any such delays are wholly detrimental to Los Cules' hopes of keeping Lionel Messi at the club.

Messi wouldn't re-sign with the club under the previous administration, and there had been hope that a new board would be in place before the end of January, yet that is perhaps unlikely given the ongoing COVID-19 issues with regards to scheduling the voting.

It must also be remembered that as of January 1, Messi is legally allowed to discuss terms with foreign clubs with regards to joining them on a free transfer at the end of June 2021, and with Leonardo publicly admitting Paris Saint-Germain's interest in Messi, Laporta is concerned.

"The electoral delays harm the possible renewal of Leo," Laporta explained in an interview with Catalunya Radio. "The other clubs can see this situation.

"An audit has to be done before making the offer of a renewal, this situation doesn't benefit Barcelona at all because, I insist, we need him."

Eric Garcia's future has been linked to Barcelona of late, although Laporta is unable to fully commit to a deal until he is both elected and aware of the club's fiscal state.

"My position has not changed, the manager has told us that there is no money either for a transfer or to pay the agent," Laporta added.

"If he wants to come and Barcelona wants to sign him, let's wait until the end of the season."

When further pressed on a possible delay to the election date, Laporta once again blasted those who are pushing for it.

"I was always in favour of doing the vote as soon as possible," Laporta confirmed.

"Barcelona can't exist without a president any longer.

"Whatever is done, it must take into account the purity of the process so there are no challenges, but I will abide by the decisions they make, the management board has the authority, not the candidates."

Source: Marca 

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