Gary Neville: Liverpool players just look beaten, almost like zombies

After Liverpool suffered their seventh defeat of the Premier League season, Gary Neville has branded the Reds' players lost and like zombies on the pitch.

Everton bagged their first win at Anfield over Liverpool in 22 years, further heaping pressure on Jurgen Klopp, with the Reds now out of the Premier League top four, and in serious danger of missing out on next season's Champions League.

"It's starting to get a little bit worrying in the sense we know they have got injuries," Neville said on his Sky Sports Podcast.

"We know they have not got fans in the stadium, we know about COVID and there a lot of games, but it's the same for everybody. But it's the lack of change. A different idea.

"They just look beaten, almost like zombies on the pitch. Walking around thinking the same thing.

"Maybe it needs something different from Klopp? He has been quite simply unchallengeable and still is at Liverpool but even he might be thinking now: 'do I have to do something different?'

"It's not for me to advise Liverpool or Klopp what to do but playing a box to protect your centre-backs or maybe going to three at the back. We have seen other teams go to that system.

"But it looks to me they need a new idea just to give them a spark or it could be a really depressing season for them where they do not qualify for the Champions League, although I still think they will."

Source: Marca 

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