Dani Alves: I offered to go back to Barça but they didn't have the balls

Brazilian right back Dani Alves, possibly the best player ever to play at Barça in that position, spoke to RAC1. He is currently at Sao Paulo but wanted to take a pop at former president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

“If they had treated me like I thought I deserved, today I would still be playing at Barça, I love that club,” said Alavés.

“Barça’s style is changing. The club has lost some identity and now they have to go through a tough process to remove it.

“I think that Barça only want to be a commercial club, of business, buying and selling players. When you do that, you lose your identity. I think that is the problem with this Barcelona.”

Alves said that he was close to a return but the board’s refusal to admit they were wrong scuppered it.

“I wanted to go back to Barça and they needed me, but they didn’t have the balls to admit they made a mistake with me,” he added.

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