Berbatov hits out at Manchester United's players: What the f*ck are they doing hugging the Manchester City players?

Former Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov was appalled to see his ex-club's players hugging their Manchester City counterparts as the two met in the Carabao Cup semi-final.

City claimed a 2-0 win to book their place at Wembley to take on Jose Mourinho's Tottenham, but Berbatov wasn't impressed by what he saw.

Former United captain Roy Keane was typically vocal in expressing his disgust at the opposing players sharing niceties around the game, which the Bulgarian agrees with.

"Sometimes when you have these derbies in important matches, it's not about momentum or form," Berbatov said to Betfair, "it's about how much you want it, how smart and cunning the players are, if necessary use some dirty tricks, do whatever it takes to win.

"Sometimes you need to be like this and, like Jose Mourinho said, you need to be b*stards to win trophies. I don't see enough of that from United in these big matches.

"Roy Keane spoke about how shocked he was too see players hugging each other after the last Manchester derby. I agree with him. What the f*ck, this is a derby go out there and win.

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