Barcelona's short-term debt stands at 730 million euros

It's been known for some time that Barcelona are in a torrid time economically speaking, and the release of their annual financial report bluntly confirms that.

The standout point of the document is where the club's liabilities are listed, as they amount to 1.173 billion euros, and a short-term debt of around 730 million euros.

This figure is broken down as follows: 265m euros of debt to credit institutions, 2.5m euros in obligations and other negotiable securities, 164m euros in debt to sporting personnel and 298m euros in other debts.

Barcelona ended the 2019/20 season with a net debt of 488.4m euros and the club are negotiating a delay of those payments with its creditors due to the impact that the coronavirus has had on its accounts.

The club are hoping to be able to delay those payments until at least June 30 of 2021 and, while some creditors have approved an extension, Barcelona continue to negotiate with others over a deferral of payments.

Another striking detail in the document is the expected income from gate receipts, which Barcelona were hoping to be able to rely on this season but, at the moment, does not seem feasible in the short term.

Barcelona were expecting to make 56m euros this campaign with a capacity of 25 percent in February and 50 percent from May onwards, although that now does not appear likely.

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