Barça v. Bayern - Press reviews from around the World

The most important day in the season for FC Barcelona and FC Bayern München has arrived and with it main jornal's titles and headlines. Here's a glance on Catalan, Bavarian and Portuguese press ahead of tonight's big match.

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"The Champions League can't wait", that's the headline for Sport's today's edition.

Barcelona's Sport singles out the importance of Messi to beat Bayern and also quotes Arturo Vidal's principal statement at yesterday's press conference: "we are the best team in the world and now we'll need to demonstrate that".

 "This is a final" titles Barcelona's Mundo Deportivo.

Once again the image of Messi is shown on the cover-page of Catalan Mundo Deportivo. "This is a Final", says the Barcelona's newspaper.

L'Esportiu titles its cover-page as "Trust in Messi".

"Trust in Messi". The Argentine genius comes on L'Esportiu's cover-page as the main hope of Setién's side to defeat Bavarian giants.

"Machine against Magician", says German Kicker.

On the other side, Kicker highlights the masterclass duel between Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi. "Machine against Magician" is the title of German sport newspaper.  

"Coutinho plays for his future" Bild.

Bild diary gives another approach on tonight's game talking about Coutinho and his future which could be decided out against Barcelona.

"Once again it's these Spaniards" is Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung's back page spread.

"Lisbon could be the end of an era: both in the UEFA Champions League and then the Bayern squad" and "Once again it's these Spaniards", is Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung's back page spread.

"The Final everybody wanted", A Bola.

Finally, Portuguese diary A Bola talks about "The Final everybody wanted".


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