Asensio: I could have played for Barcelona, but Real Madrid showed incredible interest

Marco Asensio will be wearing white for Saturday's Clasico against Barcelona at the Camp Nou, but the Real Madrid forward could have ended up playing for the opposite team.

As he has admitted in a recent interview, there was interest from Barcelona when he was coming through and making a name for himself at Real Mallorca.

"I could have played for Barcelona, but the incredible interest that Real Madrid showed from the start was what made my mind up," he said in an interview with DjMariio for PostUtd. "It's impossible to say 'no' to Real Madrid!"

Even after joining Los Blancos, though, the man from Mallorca has been faced with offers to leave. He has turned them all down, as he explained during the interview.

"There are many clubs that have been interested, but my wish is to stay at Real Madrid and to have success here," he said.

It has been a tough year for Asensio given that he injured his knee very seriously in the pre-season ahead of the 2019/20 campaign. Asked about his current physical condition, he explained that he feels good.

"I feel strong and quick," he said. "I've recovered the spark."

Source: Marca 

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