2020/21 Nations League: all the fixtures and results


Thursday 3 September
A4 Germany 1-1 Spain
A4 Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland 
B3 Russia 3-1 Serbia
B3 Turkey 0-1 Hungary
B4 Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of Ireland
B4 Finland 0-1 Wales
C3 Moldova 1-1 Kosovo 
C3 Slovenia 0-0 Greece
D1 Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta 
D1 Latvia 0-0 Andorra

Friday 4 September
A1 Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 
A1 Netherlands 1-0 Poland 
B1 Norway 1-2 Austria
B1 Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland
B2 Scotland 1-1 Israel 
B2 Slovakia 1-3 Czech Republic
C4 Belarus 0-2 Albania 
C4 Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan

Saturday 5 September
A2 Iceland 0-1 England
A2 Denmark 0-2 Belgium 
A3 Portugal 4-1 Croatia
A3 Sweden 0-1 France
C1 Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg
C1 Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro 
C2 North Macedonia 2-1 Armenia
C2 Estonia 0-1 Georgia
D2 Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino


Sunday 6 September
A4 Spain 4-0 Ukraine 
A4 Switzerland 1-1 Germany
B3 Serbia 0-0 Turkey 
B3 Hungary 2-3 Russia 
B4 Wales 1-0 Bulgaria
B4 Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland 
C3 Slovenia 1-0 Moldova 
C3 Kosovo 1-2 Greece
D1 Andorra 0-1 Faroe Islands
D1 Malta 1-1 Latvia

Monday 7 September
A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 Poland
A1 Netherlands 0-1 Italy 
B1 Austria 2-3 Romania
B1 Northern Ireland 1-5 Norway
B2 Czech Republic 1-2 Scotland
B2 Israel 1-1 Slovakia
C4 Kazakhstan 1-2 Belarus
C4 Albania 0-1 Lithuania

Tuesday 8 September
A2 Belgium 5-1 Iceland
A2 Denmark 0-0 England
A3 France 4-2 Croatia 
A3 Sweden 0-2 Portugal 
C1 Cyprus 0-1 Azerbaijan 
C1 Luxembourg 0-1 Montenegro 
C2 Armenia 2-0 Estonia
C2 Georgia 1-1 North Macedonia 
D2 San Marino 0-2 Liechtenstein


Saturday 10 October
A4 Spain 1-0 Switzerland
A4 Ukraine 1-2 Germany
C1 Luxembourg 2-0 Cyprus
C1 Montenegro 2-0 Azerbaijan
D1 Faroe Islands 1-1 Latvia
D1 Andorra 0-0 Malta
D2 Liechtenstein 0-1 Gibraltar

Sunday 11 October
A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-0 Netherlands 
A1 Poland 0-0 Italy 
A2 England 2-1 Belgium 
A2 Iceland 0-3 Denmark
A3 Croatia 2-1 Sweden
A3 France 0-0 Portugal
B1 Norway 4-0 Romania 
B1 Northern Ireland 0-1 Austria
B2 Israel 1-2 Czech Republic 
B2 Scotland 1-0 Slovakia 
B3 Russia 1-1 Turkey
B3 Serbia 0-1 Hungary
B4 Republic of Ireland 0-0 Wales
B4 Finland 2-0 Bulgaria
C2 Armenia 2-2 Georgia 
C2 Estonia 3-3 North Macedonia
C3 Greece 2-0 Moldova
C3 Kosovo 0-1 Slovenia
C4 Lithuania 2-2 Belarus
C4 Kazakhstan 0-0 Albania


Tuesday 13 October
A4 Germany 3-3 Switzerland 
A4 Ukraine 1-0 Spain
C1 Montenegro 1-2 Luxembourg
C1 Azerbaijan 0-0 Cyprus
D1 Latvia 0-1 Malta
D1 Faroe Islands 2-0 Andorra
D2 Liechtenstein 0-0 San Marino

Wednesday 14 October
A1 Italy 1-1 Netherlands
A1 Poland 3-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina 
A2 England 0-1 Denmark
A2 Iceland 1-2 Belgium
A3 Croatia 1-2 France 
A3 Portugal 3-0 Sweden
B1 Norway 1-0 Northern Ireland
B1 Romania 0-1 Austria
B2 Scotland 1-0 Czech Republic
B2 Slovakia 2-3 Israel
B3 Russia 0-0 Hungary
B3 Turkey 2-2 Serbia
B4 Finland 1-0 Republic of Ireland
B4 Bulgaria 0-1 Wales 
C2 Estonia 1-1 Armenia
C2 North Macedonia 1-1 Georgia
C3 Greece 0-0 Kosovo
C3 Moldova 0-4 Slovenia 
C4 Belarus 2-0 Kazakhstan
C4 Lithuania 0-0 Albania 


Saturday 14 November
D1 Malta vs Andorra (15:00)
D2 San Marino vs Gibraltar (15:00)
C1 Azerbaijan vs Montenegro (18:00)
C1 Cyprus vs Luxembourg (18:00)
D1 Latvia vs Faroe Islands (18:00)
A3 Portugal vs France (20:45)
A3 Sweden vs Croatia (20:45)
A4 Germany vs Ukraine (20:45)
A4 Switzerland vs Spain (20:45)

Sunday 15 November
B2 Slovakia vs Scotland (15:00)
C2 North Macedonia vs Estonia (15:00)
A1 Netherlands vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (18:00)
B3 Turkey vs Russia (18:00)
B4 Bulgaria vs Finland (18:00)
B4 Wales vs Republic of Ireland (18:00)
C2 Georgia vs Armenia (18:00)
C4 Albania vs Kazakhstan (18:00)
C4 Belarus vs Lithuania (18:00)
A1 Italy vs Poland (20:45)
A2 Belgium vs England (20:45)
A2 Denmark vs Iceland (20:45)
B1 Austria vs Northern Ireland (20:45)
B1 Romania vs Norway (20:45)
B2 Czech Republic vs Israel (20:45)
B3 Hungary vs Serbia (20:45)
C3 Moldova vs Greece (20:45)
C3 Slovenia vs Kosovo (20:45)


Tuesday 17 November
A3 Croatia vs Portugal (20:45)
A3 France vs Sweden (20:45)
A4 Spain vs Germany (20:45)
A4 Switzerland vs Ukraine (20:45)
C1 Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan (20:45)
C1 Montenegro vs Cyprus (20:45)
D1 Andorra vs Latvia (20:45)
D1 Malta vs Faroe Islands (20:45)
D2 Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein (20:45)

Wednesday 18 November
C4 Albania vs Belarus (16:00)
C4 Kazakhstan vs Lithuania (16:00)
C2 Armenia vs North Macedonia (18:00)
C2 Georgia vs Estonia (18:00)
A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Italy (20:45)
A1 Poland vs Netherlands (20:45)
A2 Belgium vs Denmark (20:45)
A2 England vs Iceland (20:45)
B1 Austria vs Norway (20:45)
B1 Northern Ireland vs Romania (20:45)
B2 Czech Republic vs Slovakia (20:45)
B2 Israel vs Scotland (20:45)
B3 Hungary vs Turkey (20:45)
B3 Serbia vs Russia (20:45)
B4 Republic of Ireland vs Bulgaria (20:45)
B4 Wales vs Finland (20:45)
C3 Greece vs Slovenia (20:45)
C3 Kosovo vs Moldova (20:45)

When are the finals?

The dates for the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League final tournament were confirmed at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in September 2020. The semi-finals will be played on 6 and 7 October 2021 with the final and third-place play-off to follow on 10 October.

Three associations with teams in Group A1 have declared an interest in hosting the tournament: Italy, Netherlands and Poland. In principle, the winner of this group will be appointed as finals hosts.

Source: UEFA

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